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SAT receiver Opticum X80
SAT receiver Opticum X80
Highlights & details

Digital satellite receiver (DVB-S)
Integrated Conax card reader
HDMI output for digital signal transmission
Hard drive recorder via USB interface

Card reader for SmartCards with Conax encryption
Recorder function for external media.
USB interface for hard drives/memory sticks
Time delayed television viewing (time shift)
Software update via RS232
Low power consumption in stand-by mode (under 1 W)
Automatically switches to standby after 3 hours without receiver input
Compatible with DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1
Electronic program guide – EPG
Multilingual menu navigation including German
Video games
Child lock for individual channels and menu items
Fast channel switching
Create your own channel lists
Create your own favourites lists
Sorting/grouping/channel search options
Edit channels – delete, save, skip, move, rename
Subtitle support – Teletext and DVB
Teletext support.
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